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fake justice

A summit of deceivers
From around the globe
Twenty seven major leaders
That can’t give us hope

Dining on caviar and crab
Toasting with champagne glasses
Saying they will fix the gap
Between society’s classes

It is out of naivety to think
That they can afford
To save what will soon sink
Unless they are onboard

They will address corruption
Reforming Global Institutions
But not wars and destruction
Or global plagues solutions

They will remove obstacles to Trade
So what is grown next door
Will be circled and remade
Then finally cost us more

With employment and infrastructure
They will provide our children
A new enslavement work force structure
In glamourous buildings

Strengthening the Energy Market
Is their goal this session
Cause it is a democrat’s target
Before the expected succession

When democrats are in power
It is medicine and energy
And when in elections they cower
It is oil and weaponry

As soon as they arrive
Researchers are supplied with millions
Plagues suddenly surfaces and thrive
And vaccines are sold in billions

When republicans in chair
Weapons are not preserved
Invasions and wars are fair
And oil prices are well deserved

Back to the summit’s goals
And what is not included
Health hunger war segregation walls-
Education and rights are all excluded

Weakness they call compassion
And help is seen as free loot
Giving is not their fashion
Unless it is a golden chute

At the moment we are alright
And time will remove the veil
The people will show their might
When hunger and needs prevail

Then an old cycle begins
Full of mankind sins
A painful process of mending
A hefty price for cleansing
Rebellions and revolutions
Cannibalism, sickness, famine and executions
Civil wars, genocides and a global war
Dark ages that we have seen before
But revolution is sometimes a must
And poor people’s wars, are always just
©FAT 2014

if only the G20 summit would cover these issues:

1- hunger and famine which they will never address cause a full stomach wont do as told.

2- health, stopping researches to weaponize viruses and investing in emerging plagues but the profit is in prolonging the treatment not curing the cause plus controlling by fear.

3- education, free education but then a person who isnt in debt wont accept what ever is tossed their way by big corporates.

4- the huge global increase of people under poverty line in contrast with rich people getting richer.

5- wars , the shameful security council and it’s Veto.

6- economy system , where u are born in debt and die in debt like a hamster in a wheel.

7- trade ethics where a company cant produce a product in some countries due to health hazards so they shift manufacturing to a developing country (previously called 3rd world countries) , corporates colonizing countries for resources such as the chocolate trade , fur trade , ivory trade chemical and nuclear wastes dumped in developing countries.

etc etc etc