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I know now of Life’s lessons;
Memories and thorns;
A will that lessens;
And those i mourn;
I know now of renewing scars;
Wasted chapters and pages;
And even with golden bars;
Cages are simply cages;
Life kindness is kindness not;
It’s always subterfuge;
And a sanctuary is a sanctuary not;
When it’s one’s last refuge;
My days are plagued by a fate as worse;
My scars my tears and their phoenix curse.
©FAT 2017


Salma’s Nightmares


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Holding on to sanity;
By a tiny worn out thread;
Chaos replaced serenity;
And voices roam her head;
One sings of doubts and fear;
One still calls me “friend”;
One is a mighty seer;
That can’t foresee our end;
One sees me as a foe;
One pulls her into darkness;
One always screams “please go”;
One is just pained by brightness;
One wants her to submit;
One makes all sweets taste bitter;
One wants her to admit;
Without her, life is better;

I know you can’t grasp what is real;
I know you can’t fathom this illusion;
And with each broken seal;
Comes more and more confusion;
I still hold on to our memories;
Regardless of our fate’s affairs;
And as you have shared my reveries;
I’ll quest in your nightmares;
I know we can’t emerge victorious;
And our fate cannot be cheated;
Let us make this stand so glorious;
For everything dies defeated;
Food will be served anon;
So I shall take my leave;
Eat your pills and they’ll all be gone;
Please don’t make them grieve;

I will be back soon I promise;
And I will help you take control;
So while we’re gone my goddess;
In darkness don’t you fall;
Abide your time with something;
Except this one thought my dear;
Am I too another thing;
That you do see and hear;
And, what if I was;
Seen and heard just by you;
Don’t I help you rise?
Don’t I see you through?
What could be my heart is broken;
From all this pain you suffer;
And my truth is the greatest token;
That this humble voice can offer
©FAT 2017

Charlie the wanderer


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Alone and behind you are left;
By those whom have unwillingly departed;
Sweet memories are a lasting a gift;
So why are you brokenhearted?
Dear friend, they can’t be sought;
They are forever gone;
More fights must be fought;
So stand up and carry on;
Dear friend the fort must be held;
Your life must go on sigh;
I know not all gaps are filled;
By kind ones that do pass by;
Remember random kindnesses met are only flashes of your past;
Regardless how great life would get nothing will forever last.
©FAT 2017


My sleeping Beauty..


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Blessed be thy heart;
Blessed be thy soul;
May God bless this heavenly art;
May god save this heart you stole;
Excuse the way I stare;
Excuse how my words are whirled;
It’s just that when you are there;
Mine heart seems to flee this world;
Forgive what had escaped;
Forgive what have been exposed;
My strength is now undraped;
Just cause thine eyes are closed;
O Sweet maiden, who in my dreams I keep;
I thank thee for now, I’ve seen how angels sleep.
©FAT 2017

Hate me


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Mock my disabilities;
Mock the way I walk;
My limited possibilities;
Or the way I talk;
Mock my weight;
Mock the way I look;
Mock what’s been given by fate;
Or what fate once took;
Sympathy I do not require;
And empathy is a virtue;
You know not what you might acquire;
Or how much it will hurt you;
Mock, scorn or laugh, you can freely choose;
Just know you would not last a day if you wore shoes.

Hate me because I am poor;
Hate me for my days are fights;
Hate me for I have no door;
And no bed most nights;
Use me as an example;
When you and your kids walk by;
Tell them I used to gamble;
Or it’s the drugs that I sell and try;
I am none of the above;
And without a chance, I was born;
Life didn’t show me love;
And I don’t deserve your scorn;
Life can always worsen, so thank our Lord;
That you are this person so well fed and clothed.

Hate me for what I cannot change;
Hate me for my race or color;
Outlandish I might seem or strange;
But I bleed the same my brother;
Say my life is of no worth;
For here my name is not well known;
Strangers we are on this earth;
And one day we’ll all be gone;
We fled afraid and scared;
And harm we don’t mean;
And I pray that you are spared;
The horrors we have lived and seen;
I came for a chance to live and that I won’t hide;
I’ll give where I can give Just leave alone my pride.

Hate me for my faith;
Hate me for what I believe in;
Call me a mindless wraith;
Call it a blasphemous sin;
Judge my faith as it was given;
Judge me by my actions and words;
Judge not by who in vain have striven;
Judge not by the few crazed hordes;
All are equal, and no one is above the law;
Thou shall not kill and thou shall not steal;
Forsake lust, pride and greed and from lies withdraw;
Bear not false witness and the truth reveal;
Give to the poor;
Accept what God had fated;
Be just even in war;
Be kind to all what God created;
That’s my belief and that is what I uphold;
So judge me by my actions, not by what you’ve been told.
©FAT 2017

long Awaited visit 


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Dear awaited visitor
Where art thou;
I know most see you sinister;
But I don’t I vow;
Days and people promises and lies;
Scenes and memories passes by too;
Nothing seen or left but pain and sighs;
While lonely I sit awaiting you;
Inevitable you are;
And in that I believe;
Come please and take me far;
For I am so ready to leave;
It’s isn’t my era;
but time I can not blame;
I am not sure if there was ever;
A time that I could claim;
Some say live;
you are at your prime;
But with nothing much give;
It’s only a borrowed time;
Blasphemy the words above;
Just as the days I spend;
No legacy and no dove;
And an unforeseen end;
A befitting visit;
Is not too much to ask;
It’s not now is it;
Such a troublesome task;
Old friend don’t by shy don’t frit;
We are passed the courtship game;
For the many times we met;
Take your list and push my name;
You would be received as a true God sent;
& if it makes you relieved,every word I meant;

The Cycle


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As true as mother’s worries;

And promises made unwilled;

Happy Endings Are Stories;

Are yet to be fulfilled;

Like a lunar cycle in it’s constant test;

We swing between waning and waxing;

Happy moments are, moments at best;

Succeeded and achieved only by lapsing;

High walls are efforts ill spent;

For Living within, is never a cure;

And running far can never prevent;

What one shall endure;

There will always be pain, betrayal, deceit, hate and lies;

But “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” *

©FAT 2017

*quote by Victor Hugo

A tribute to Rachel Corrie


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rachel corrie

For justice I crossed seas and lands;
A voyage to the land of modern slavery;
Armed with nothing but these hands;
And a mountain of bravery;
I went to the forgotten parts;
In an age so rotten;
Where justice is a farce;
And the oppressed are forgotten;
I heard houses will be floored
And farms will soon turn to ruins;
Not for what they have done or stored;
But for someone else’s doings;
Comes the time and I stood my ground;
My faith will hold this position;
I am a fort that they can’t go around;
To carry on this cursed demolition;
The iron clamp approaches;
Everything is fleeing in fear;
Afar stood men, women and roaches;
Watching me standing here;
The world’s conscious I confronted;
And I stood against a war crime;
I was killed for I only wanted;
To buy humanity some time;
In Gaza I made my last stand and that was my story;
My legacy will forever live on and my name is Rachel Corrie.
©FAT 2017