A letter to my unborn


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Remember, if not by choice solitude;
Is a loneliness predicament;
And living in a sanctuary by subdue;
Is only imprisonment;
Remember, happy moments are transitions;
Only death is to be taken for granted;
Love for most is a passing condition;
And time reaps whatever is planted;
Remember, burdens are your troubles when spoken;
And only few might help you fight your wars;
But no heart by your broken heart will be broken;
And no one could ever, wear your scars;
Believe half of what you see my unborn;
And question all of what they say;
These days’ masks are always worn;
And life is a never ending play.
©FAT 2017


Shattered Glass


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For a momentarily thrill;
Or for simply whatever;
Our loved ones we sell;
For a fading pleasure;
Cheating is a one way street;
There shan’t be a U-turn;
And if you were the rotten sheet;
Then you shall await your turn;
Like Cheaters like moths, drawn to lies;
Drawn to warmth or a fading flash;
As bees and butterflies reduced to flies;
When they feed upon a pile of trash;
Once a cheater is always a cheater so stand your ground;
Beginnings are not horrific and there are few good ones around.

©FAT 2016



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Dear Lord the vision is seen
Affliction is due
And I am as I have always been
Believing you will see me through

Your fate cannot be rejected
And soon your subject will fall ill
Your judgment I have accepted
As I have and always will

I can’t comprehend the reasons
Your wisdom sometimes I can’t see
And this sad change of seasons
Won’t sway my faith in thee
And if it’s to be cleansed in thine earth
Then Blessed I am with this birth
©FAT 2016



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Poverty is never the true problem;
Nor Are illiteracy and immigrations;
It’s who benefit from not solving them;
The powerful in our broken nations.

The police are militarized;
And live long the minimum wage abuse;
Boarder walls and fences are on the rise;
And nationalism is the main excuse.

Fear of the unknown is at its best;
And the agendas are always hidden;
We are taught we are unlike the rest;
Based on nationality, race and religion.

Our Children became as cattle;
Prepped not to live but to survive;
Nourished to fight a daily battle;
For the rich men to thrive.

Decades of subdue;
Are never meant to last;
There’ll be those who’ll do;
What have been done in the past.

Then the plagued will come to rise;
As power only corrupt;
A cycle that will only dies;
When earth’s core erupt.

We are blessed with the will;
And every chain can be broken;
But none listened and none will-
Listen to wise words when spoken.
©FAT 2016



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Enjoy your freedom sweet crow;
Enjoy its blessings and grace;
The freedom to soar above the flow;
The freedom to reach her place;
Sing as loud as you can sing;
Land wherever you see fit;
May the only burdens be your wing;
And where your sights may set;
Celebrate your life dear friend;
Never live a lie;
All strife comes to an end;
So will you and I;
Honor your granted freedom and set your wings free;
Live for those born in chains those like the likes of me.
©FAT 2016

Love is


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sitting alone

Love knows no common sense;
Love is the absence of judgment;
It comes at a great expense;
And goes without a reimbursement;

Love is blind and knows no beauty
An unconditional giving that defies all laws;
Love is neither a quest nor a mandated duty;
Love is unfit for those who expect applause;

A strength that moves the greatest boulders;
A sober tongue, a heart that hears and feels;
A kind forgiving eye of a beholder;
A unity unafraid of what fate might reels;
It is’ living’, living rich in dreams and hope;
Shame my realization only came at the end of my rope.
©FAT 2016



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The enemy you see in me;
Will never falter or surrender;
And unless you set me free;
For a life time I’ll linger;

I will plot I will conspire;
Until I take it all;
I’ll live with only one desire;
To take back my soul;

I allowed you to be my reality;
I became the voice of doubt;
Now I am on the edge of insanity;
Broken and trapped without;

My plot began;
And soon you shall resign;
Enjoy it while you can;
Enjoy this vessel of mine;

Poison me with fear, drugs or liquor;
Do as you wish and will;
Lay cuts on my arms or do whatever;
You will never break my will;

Cast my beloveds afar;
Scar my face with tears;
Those who’ll know who you are;
Will help me conquer my fears;

With time I’ll emerge victorious;
With time this vessel will heal;
And on a day so divine and glorious;
My heart will start to feel;

And if death one day call;
Before I reinstate my soul;
In laughter I will turn and roll;
And I’ll smile as I watch you fall;

Poison me with fear, drugs or liquor;
Do as you wish and will;
Lay cuts on my arms or do whatever;
You will never break my will.
©FAT 2016

Parallel Paths


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Thrown on parallel paths;
Two Willing hearts, yet unable feet;
Chances are as thin as laths;
That those steps would one day meet;
Exchanging looks and sighs;
Day dreaming and longing;
Dwelling in excuses and lies;
In fear of society wronging;
Under their sun;
They are just taboo;
They can never be one;
Even if they wanted too;
Life spent, wondering if they could be real;
The rest of time will pass hoping time will heal.
©FAT 2016