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A tale to be told;
Of the three witches of mine;
Of a time so cold;
And mine forsaken shrine;

The first took a virgin heart;
And spoke of a future heaven;
Where true life will truly start;
And where all dreams are given;

But by heaven’s door;
These words were spoken;
“Promises I made before-
Are at this moment broken”;

But fear not my dear;
This promise I’ll keep forever;
One day this storm will clear;
And we will be together;

One day we will be one;
And I pray that you will wait;
As soon as my chores are done;
We will fulfil our fate;

Then Seasons passed;
Of drought and flood;
Lilies or roses massed;
For joy or blood;

Till, one day she came;
As she once did before;
And as she spoke my name;
I said “please no more;

Naive I am not, I was;
And yes, Forgiveness I can give;
But I shan’t, just because;
You should have had let me live”

Then more Seasons passed;
On my two knees kneeling;
And from the Lord I asked;
For only peace and healing;

Then came a heavenly dove;
Angelic, soft and tender;
She said “I am, your one true love-
I am your hardship-mender”;

“My walls are high you’ll fail;
And they are like a regiment lined;
I am sure none you can scale;
I am sure none you can grind”

She said time will tell;
And I have no doubt;
I’ll camp here until;
That day you come out;

With time by day I peak;
To see what joy she is bringing;
And when my day grows weak;
I hide, and seek her singing;

Then came a stormy night;
And her voice I could not hear;
Have she left or perhaps she might;
Have been struck by fear;

To see if she had left;
These walls I’ve swiftly conquered;
But upon the last wall that’s left;
My will just withered and faltered;

Against the wall I sadly leaned;
As if I had lost a treasure?
Or have I been blessed and weaned;
Off this senseless pleasure;

Here comes next morn;
And here comes my penance;
How morn could be born;
If not in her presence;

I left my fort behind;
Then sat in my empty field;
Screamed that I have been blind;
Please come back I yield;

The night has finally fallen;
And here comes her voice;
From a distance calling;
“Are you out by choice?”

“Yes indeed I am;
Without you my days are grim;
My heart is an opened clam;
So by thine love please do brim”;

She said “my love you’re-
My love, you’re my heart and soul;
Our love is our only cure;
Our love will make us whole;

At night we shall live;
For my days are by duties chained;
I’ll give as much as I can give;
As I won’t let my vows be stained;

Live by day as will;
Wear smiles and say you’re fine;
Have fun but please don’t tell;
That your sweet heart is mine;

Years of joy went fast;
But then, for daylight I yearned;
Happier I can be at last;
And happiness I have earned;

But I got one reply;
“There is too much at stake;
I can’t and that’s no lie;
But this risk I can’t take;

My kids will be stunned;
And divorce is plain taboo;
Off my finance I will be shunned;
And one day you will hate me too;

I know this is unjust;
And my heart is sore;
I am sorry and please do trust;
I’ll waste your time no more”;

Scarce Words became;
To a tongue that strives;
To say forget my name;
And go play your lives;

Go honor your chains;
And in your duties bask;
Enjoy your chosen gains;
Whilst you wear your mask;

Rotten was her truth;
But worse, is your crime;
She stole my lustful youth;
But you stole my prime;

Our path has parted;
With those unspoken words;
She went where she charted;
And I, to my lonesome wards;

More seasons on seasons spun;
And so did my grief and laughter;
Came new thoughts and quickly gone;
Except for what will come after;

Then came this queen;
With a heart as white;
As moonlight beam is seen;
In the darkest night;

She got my old feelings stirred;
She quelled this lasting thirst;
And although she is my third;
She is somehow my first;

Happy with what we chanced;
We loved, we cared and shared;
We kissed we sang we danced;
But off this tale you’re spared;

At one’s conscious gnaws;
Secrets kept untold;
Destined by nature laws;
With time they will unfold;

Why can’t people see?
Cloaks are not worth it sighs;
For when the truth is free;
All else are only lies;

My past, they have consumed;
But they’ve left my unborn days;
But you deemed my future doomed;
With your lies, and evil ways;

They may have been depraved;
But both I didn’t hate or loath;
It’s my fault, I loved I craved;
And in truth, you’ve sainted both.

That was mine, and my three witches’ tale;
A tale of time ill-spent in vain;
A tale of how one’s reason fail;
A tale of love, torment and pain….
©FAT 2018