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Holding on to sanity;
By a tiny worn out thread;
Chaos replaced serenity;
And voices roam her head;
One sings of doubts and fear;
One still calls me “friend”;
One is a mighty seer;
That can’t foresee our end;
One sees me as a foe;
One pulls her into darkness;
One always screams “please go”;
One is just pained by brightness;
One wants her to submit;
One makes all sweets taste bitter;
One wants her to admit;
Without her, life is better;

I know you can’t grasp what is real;
I know you can’t fathom this illusion;
And with each broken seal;
Comes more and more confusion;
I still hold on to our memories;
Regardless of our fate’s affairs;
And as you have shared my reveries;
I’ll quest in your nightmares;
I know we can’t emerge victorious;
And our fate cannot be cheated;
Let us make this stand so glorious;
For everything dies defeated;
Food will be served anon;
So I shall take my leave;
Eat your pills and they’ll all be gone;
Please don’t make them grieve;

I will be back soon I promise;
And I will help you take control;
So while we’re gone my goddess;
In darkness don’t you fall;
Abide your time with something;
Except this one thought my dear;
Am I too another thing;
That you do see and hear;
And, what if I was;
Seen and heard just by you;
Don’t I help you rise?
Don’t I see you through?
What could be my heart is broken;
From all this pain you suffer;
And my truth is the greatest token;
That this humble voice can offer
©FAT 2017