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Dear awaited visitor
Where art thou;
I know most see you sinister;
But I don’t I vow;
Days and people promises and lies;
Scenes and memories passes by too;
Nothing seen or left but pain and sighs;
While lonely I sit awaiting you;
Inevitable you are;
And in that I believe;
Come please and take me far;
For I am so ready to leave;
It’s isn’t my era;
but time I can not blame;
I am not sure if there was ever;
A time that I could claim;
Some say live;
you are at your prime;
But with nothing much give;
It’s only a borrowed time;
Blasphemy the words above;
Just as the days I spend;
No legacy and no dove;
And an unforeseen end;
A befitting visit;
Is not too much to ask;
It’s not now is it;
Such a troublesome task;
Old friend don’t by shy don’t frit;
We are passed the courtship game;
For the many times we met;
Take your list and push my name;
You would be received as a true God sent;
& if it makes you relieved,every word I meant;