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rachel corrie

For justice I crossed seas and lands;
A voyage to the land of modern slavery;
Armed with nothing but these hands;
And a mountain of bravery;
I went to the forgotten parts;
In an age so rotten;
Where justice is a farce;
And the oppressed are forgotten;
I heard houses will be floored
And farms will soon turn to ruins;
Not for what they have done or stored;
But for someone else’s doings;
Comes the time and I stood my ground;
My faith will hold this position;
I am a fort that they can’t go around;
To carry on this cursed demolition;
The iron clamp approaches;
Everything is fleeing in fear;
Afar stood men, women and roaches;
Watching me standing here;
The world’s conscious I confronted;
And I stood against a war crime;
I was killed for I only wanted;
To buy humanity some time;
In Gaza I made my last stand and that was my story;
My legacy will forever live on and my name is Rachel Corrie.
©FAT 2017