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Poverty is never the true problem;
Nor Are illiteracy and immigrations;
It’s who benefit from not solving them;
The powerful in our broken nations.

The police are militarized;
And live long the minimum wage abuse;
Boarder walls and fences are on the rise;
And nationalism is the main excuse.

Fear of the unknown is at its best;
And the agendas are always hidden;
We are taught we are unlike the rest;
Based on nationality, race and religion.

Our Children became as cattle;
Prepped not to live but to survive;
Nourished to fight a daily battle;
For the rich men to thrive.

Decades of subdue;
Are never meant to last;
There’ll be those who’ll do;
What have been done in the past.

Then the plagued will come to rise;
As power only corrupt;
A cycle that will only dies;
When earth’s core erupt.

We are blessed with the will;
And every chain can be broken;
But none listened and none will-
Listen to wise words when spoken.
©FAT 2016