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In September 2014 I wrote this poem “thought of the day …. MMA is not a sport”about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and as a martial artist and a humanitarian I was just expressing my extreme disgust toward its rules and how martial arts practitioners sank beneath the core values of Martial arts in general and how they are taking parts in these brawling circus shows that is aimed and directed toward those sick minded, blood hungry persons that enjoys watching a human being beating another senseless.

I talked about how the Entertainment Business thrives and revolves around constant evolvement and how it will go back to the ancient days. And the way I see it is that the human race is evolving toward regression, especially when it comes to entertainment and specifically in regards to our Topic which I seem to have strayed away from.

The entertainment business found out that there is a base for profit in a crowd that would like to see violence, they started with small minor tournament wherever they are allowed to display their shameful circus acts then supported it by finding a ground to broadcast it Via social media platforms that would allow it and when the profit became too good to be overlooked they were granted permissions and became a legal entertainment business that attracts a lot of viewers and fill the pockets of those greedy rich men that would stop at nothing when it comes to profit. And as they exploited the crowd they enslaved performers who hunger for money and fame regardless of the paid price.

I knew soon they will have to evolve to satisfy the hungry crowd that will soon get bored of teeth flying, bones breaking, joints dislocated, blood gushing and the constant blows to a helpless opponent’s face, I thought in the far future these entertainment shows will go back to gladiators days and that is the natural path of violence, but before we go further in these past two years the entertainment have already evolved to TFC (Team Fighting Championship) Which is the same concept except it is 4 Vs 4 in the same ring which is literally more disgusting than 1 v1 because 2 or more members of the same team are allowed to beat up on one guy from the other team and as I watched that on YouTube I wondered how is that different than a back alley brawl and how is such a violent act is becoming a profitable norm.

In the end Please don’t glorify and idolize these so called (UFC,MMA,TFC) competitors / puppets in front of children, equip them and prepare them to face the world without them having to sell their morals, souls, Fists and chins to the entertainment business which is honestly a modernized form of slavery.

Just another random scribble….

Didn’t want to add links or images to show the bloody side of (MMA UFC TFC ) but feel free to search images for the string “bloody MMA fights” to see if that should be called a sport or should be allowed.

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