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Sheltered by the tavern’s doors
Burying life with ale
I am where the wisdom pours
And where heartaches fail

Strangers here and there
No music, just chattering folks
Some laugh, some flirt or stare
Some just like me smile and sulks

Few hours passed by
Of me deeply sinking
No pard and no bard so I
Quietly started singing

Masks upon masks worn
Framed by stitches
Standing bridges torn
Replaced by ledges

Banished to a crowd
Exiled yet surrounded
Many and many around
Yet by loneliness bounded

Same air and lungs
Same words spoken
Confounding tongues
Deem the relations broken

The company matters not
It’s whom not any
Alone I am, but
Surrounded by many

Being alone isn’t as bad
As being among those
Lovers that make you sad
Which you might as well
call them foes

Thoughts gone disrupted
As I was being a victim
Of a sweet voice that interrupted
My Eight pints wisdom

She said “Last call is yelled out loud
No more wise words to share
Let’s join the dancing crowd
**** love and it’s affair”
©FAT 2016