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Well played my greatest teacher
Well played dear time
What was once a fearless creature
Rolls now in pain and grime

Knowing it’s a lost battle and cause
He still trusted fate
And against all his scars and laws
He willingly bit time’s bait

Thought time came to heal and mend
Thought this promise was an exception
Said goodbye to his only friends
Loneliness, pride and affliction

They smiled and helped him pack
They knew time’s game
They knew he would be back
A mockery in shame

He left one man’s land
With treacherous wraiths
Through dunes and dunes of sand
Chasing hope and faith

Upon the ruin’s door he stood
Final destination came fast
It smelled of rotten wood
Laced with his pain and past

He have been here before
He couldn’t be wrong
It’s the same old door
The same old sad song

The true faces now could be seen
And he knows what comes after
His companions will come clean
And fill the void with laughter

A familiar voice inside
Yelled Welcome back sit and rest
Our good friend “false pride”
died when you left

Loneliness sat at his feet
Affliction stood delighted
He just smiled in defeat
Then said once again united
It’s true all roads lead to Rome
And this is my one true home

©FAT 2016