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A lot of people think that after the Paris attack and the many alliances formed after the event, will rid planet earth of ISIS and that could be true, but the blunt truth is that ISIS is one head of many and that Terrorism is like a Hydra and the sad truth is that chopping one head isn’t enough to kill the monster.

Back in the 1970’s the United States of America supported The Muslims brotherhood mainly in Egypt as the organization was the first wall of defense in the region against communism and Marxism, and after the success of the organization in minimizing communism and Marxism spread in the region directly and in directly, the united states CIA appetite grew bigger and secretly started to support another terrorist group-groups around the middle and far east and the most famous group was Al-Qaeda.

In the 1980’s the United States nourished Al-Qaeda and the Taliban group for the sake of tumbling the Russian presence in the region and they couldn’t hope for a better result but as every story that involves creating monsters, the monster always outgrows the master’s leash, breaks free and develops its own agenda.

“Ideas don’t die” and that’s the core of the issue and in this case this is how the modern terrorism started or the birth of the Hydra in the Middle East:

  • An idea is developed to serve the interest of a group or an individual that doesn’t want to be tainted by the extreme measures taken in order to secure the profit or protect an asset or guarantee presence.
  • The Idea is painted to look as a noble cause and by what the targeted group is susceptible to and normally religion have the utmost power over people then comes next the hope of a better life or some form of a desired freedom.
  • “The words are spoken” then normally faced with resistance among the others in the society.
  • The clash of ideologies is the desired end for the masters and an inevitable course for the puppets, the majority will always try to suppress the new ideas and when it reaches the extreme measures the oppressed will resolve to more lethal extreme measures.
  • Chaos reigns and becomes the new norm then the masters will either try to maintain the present state and softly colonize the state for protection and secure grounds and maintain a future investment or if they gain more from installing a new power that will serve them and act as a wall of defense against another super power in both cases they will have to disown the group they created and try to dismantle them with time.
  • The Hydra goes into a survival mode and although one head is chopped another emerges and will always start by eating the previous head or what is left of it.
  • The idea remains the same but now the cause they used to fight for seems more credible as people have seen that these few people stood to a great power fought it and faced it’s wrath and somehow managed to survive or inflect some damage.
  • Then it becomes a cycle and this form of chaos becomes the new Order.

And this is exactly how ISIS became to exist and that is why it is stronger than Al-Qaeda and why it is more sufficient and self-sustained, but the cycle of growth above had more contributing factors that also helped ISIS to become stronger and they are:

  • The United states making the same mistake that empowered Al-Qaeda in Iraq which was, Giving power to the Shia Muslims which is the same as giving Iran control over Iraq ( 90% of Shia believes their true leader Al Mahdi is in a basement in Iran and the Mullahs there are his messengers to the people )then stood by and watched the Shia militias commit every kind of Genocide in Sunni’s area, whom in return fell in the arms of Al-Qaeda that promised to protect them from the crazed Shia militias.
  • Al-Qaeda started to fight as planned but the old wounds of their fight in Afghanistan were their old Afghani mates that used to fight by their sides sold them one by one to the US forces in Afghanistan, with that on their mind they ruled the areas they controlled with an iron fist there was no room for tolerance but that made the Sunni population in Iraq hates them which later on was the main cause of their defeat.
  • After the defeat of Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and Iraq the they started to move to Yemen and slowly faded but weren’t totally gone until The Prime minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki created His own armed branch that reports to him then used every excuse possible to throw Sunni men in jail without trial or simply make them vanish.
  • The Sunni areas begged the Government to release their men and to arm them so they can fight against what’s left of AL-Qaeda but the government didn’t trust them and isolated them.
  • That created a rich recruitment ground for the new hydra head to emerge enraged and stronger than the previous one, they learned their lessons well they reached out to more people around the globe using means that weren’t available back then for Al-Qaeda “ social medias, Mass Multi players games on line “ and they played on every appealing instrument to acquire fighters, they started with “ people that have lost loved ones in the fight against the government or the Shia or people that wanted to stood against super powers that protected the government, and there was a new wave of recruits that were the result of the global Islamophobia and racism against immigrants those kids that suddenly felt their own countries look down on them suspect them to turn evil and that might have increased the chances of them to be recruited by ISIS.
  • One Day the US announced that there Is a new threat and it is called ISIS and that they have captured to Sunni areas in Iraq then a week later ISIS captured AL Mosul City in Iraq which was an unbelievable event at the time the Iraqi forces of 30,000 men fled the city after 6 days of fighting 1500 men of ISIS and that was the greatest advertisement for ISIS.
  • After that, ISIS became a self-sufficient organization unlike its predecessors that relied mainly on generous donations from secret allies, they started selling Oil, making professional videos for recruitment or of brutal missions, they managed to establish a financial system that could pay each fighter between ( 400$-1200 $) and even give them a family and a home to fight for.
  • The Parasite technique worked fine for ISIS they would raid a place latch on to it until its drained then the move on or move back to main base leaving a few behind to hinder the progress of any approaching forces.
  • While all those events were taking place the Syrian conflict of 5 years kept feeding ISIS with fighters from all over the planet to help them in their claimed noble cause (that the west didn’t want to take a part in because of no benefits to be gained, because mainly there isn’t oil in Syria) .
  • Everything was fine for the Western world because a new threat that no doubt they helped created means more weapons to be sold and another chance for the surrounding countries to submit to their influence again, until ISIS reached the heart of Europe and although I believe most events were staged as I wrote in my “Year 2015 ,,,, scrambled thoughts, prophecies” poem. those events triggered new alliances which was desired, acted as distraction from the fall of capitalism everywhere where the financial gab increased between layers of society and more people falling down below the poverty line and that too was a desired outcome for the rich men controlling the imperialism around the globe two more desired outcomes were satisfied one was demonizing the others which were immigrants or Muslims and the 2nd one was enabling democratic countries to act viscous to vent the anger of the population on a created enemy so the votes don’t sway toward the rising  right wing pacts in Europe.
  • Another huge mistake took place when Iran declared a Fatwa which was endorsed by Iraq to establish a Shia militia (Alhashd) to fight ISIS in Iraq supported by Iran and the western power and with the first few villages freed the genocides began, the men were taken away to jails and the Kurdish Militia started moving people from their freed villages then demolishing them so they can have a clear area between their Kurdish region which every sane person know that they plan to split from Iraq in the coming years and finally establish their own country taking parts from Iraq and Syria and perhaps Turkey which is in according with the G Bush’s administration plan called the new middle east and here is a nice article about it showing the new Middle east map by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.
  • Now with everybody Celebrating ISIS tiny defeats in IRAQ Yet their presence in Al Mosul City is still strong and Iraqi leaders says they are still not ready to free that city ,and their influence in Libya is getting stronger and stronger and finally Although people might think that the Syrian government and the Russian army are fighting against ISIS but the results from the ground says that the Syrian Government might have cut a deal with ISIS to fight on their behalf against the resistance and the Russian airplanes seem to target the Resistance and not ISIS which means that ISIS still have a strong foot in Syria as will.

The situation in Syria was befitting for the Western world especially UK and USA with Russia exhausting its economy in a war in the middle east just like the US in IRAQ before, but the IMMIGRANTS and Refugees”a refugee’s journey” situation worsened and a lot of countries in the EU started to complain and even tried to refuse Refugees protected by the asylum treaty ( which will be one of the strongest recruitment slogans in the future “ we told you the west have no honor they even turned you back even when they are the ones that signed the treaty”) Yet Angela Merkel (which is one of the few greatest honest politicians in my honest opinion) seems to be leading the EU toward honoring the obligations made which will be a key factor in defeating the ideology behind terrorism and Islamophobia, it seems to me the German chancellor regardless of her reasons is the only Leader that marches with righteousness toward defeating the Ideologies behind terrorism disregarding racist loud barking we hear every now and then from racist politician in Europe and around the globe .


IAW with Al-Jazeera “Saudi Arabia is prepared to deploy ground troops to Syria to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) if US-led coalition leaders agree to the offer. Saudi’s air force has targeted ISIL with air strikes since the campaign began in Syria in September 2014, but the Gulf kingdom is now ready to provide ground forces to defeat the armed group, a military spokesman said on Thursday”.

Saudi Arabia entering The Syrian conflict officially is a huge game changer being one of the strongest countries in region ( #3rd  in military strength in the middle east and its air force attacking power is ranked 12th globally Ranked by global firepower). not to mention that Turkey which is considered to be a great power in EU And the middle east Will walk beside Saudi Arabia in it’s campaign in Syria.

Now Beside fighting ISIS the secondary objective would be to reduce the pressure on the resistance and will force Russia and Bashar Al Assad of Syria to go back to Geneva to solve the Syrian conflict for once and for all.

While that seem to be a great move there is one possible course that might prep the world for another world war and that possible scenario is if the Iranian troops backing Bashar Al Assad clashes with Turkish or Saudi troops or Russians bomb Saudi or Turkish troops, that will escalate matters and open the gates of hill in region.

But if everything goes well and in according with the plan and ISIS is defeated then I dread the new hydra head that will take ISIS place if these so called world leaders don’t stop their imperialistic plans those rich men continues to exploit society’s needs, those bigots among us keeps fueling the hatred towards others, those dishonest reporters keep feeding us feeding our kids false biased information and those simple minded people among us keep falling for all the above.

©FAT 2016