What am I to you
What am I to you
Am I the wall you lean on
Am I the shoulder you cry on

Am I your last though at night
Am I your utmost right
Am I you morning joy
Or just your new play toy

Am I a new hobby
Or an Ex’s copy
Am I the latest trend
Something to show your friends

Am I there for when you need to give
Or Am I your last chance to live
Am I there to mend your past
Or there as long the laughter last

A wall made of thorns and clay
Between what you do and say
Between what you say and do
There is your past and you

No need for an answer dear
It’s not why I am standing here
I just wondered if you knew
That I am a great dancer too
A poet and a great cook
And that I wrote the book,,,,,

©FAT 2016