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I seldom write articles about Politics normally i write in poetry about causes and politics such as “a field of roses” or “Selective humanity” but today I was inspired by my 9 years old nephew’s question “why do they say there will be a world war 3?”

“It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order – and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order.” Douglas R. Hofstadter, Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern.
I can’t agree more with the statement above and here are few reasons and indications why I think the planet is heading toward extreme chaos in the next few years.

1.Economic inequality And population growth:

Normally defined as the gab in (income, wealth, consumption) between the layers of society.
This factor is the spark and the root of chaos it either guarantees the success of the other factors or is the force that initiates other factors.
“There’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won.” This is a quote by billionaire investor Warren Buffett in 2011 and the reasons he said that was:

a. IAW the institute of policy studies in 2014 in USA the Wall Street bonuses of 167.800 employees were 28.5 billion which is double the annual income of 1.007.00 full-time minimum wage workers.

b. IAW WITH OXFAM The wealthiest 85 people on the planet have more money than the poorest 3.5 billion people on the planet combined.

c. The richest 1% of the Earth’s population owns 46% of the Earth’s wealth IAW WITH OXFAM.

d. “Thomas Piketty writes, the top 10 percent of the wealthiest people in the Middle East control some 60 percent of the wealth and the top 1 percent controls 25 percent.

e. The population growth

populationgrowthhistory2-1024x650chart source:http://www.historyfuturenow.com/wp/malthus-was-wrong-is-he-still-wrong/
plays a strong factor as will, since the invention of penicillin and the end of World War 2 the world’s population growth rate have been on the Rise the statistics might seem pleasing for the rich as the increase in numbers shows only an increase in profit,then factories runs at double speed and triple effort to satisfy the increasing market demands by draining the planet out of it’s resources, even the side effects of this much of population breathing, factories blowing smokes, dirty energy sources are being exploited as businesses.

And the list goes on and on to lead to the measures the RICH people must take and use in order to preserve their wealth and or distract the POOR from the obvious truth.

2.Divide and conquer :
A self-explanatory rule and with the rich controlling the media its easy to create a conflict between the lowest layer of the society “the poor” and the middle layer of the society which is destined to fall to the lowest layer of the society and this is so obvious in the USA, here are some examples from the media in the past decade and remember if you repeat a lie for a long time it becomes the only truth in time.

a. Branding the poor layer as “free loaders” even when the rich people dwells in subsidies, golden parachutes, easy taxes etc etc, we heard that from politicians, news pundits in Fox news “ the temple of doom” to a point that a lot of the middle class people believe that it’s true the people are stealing my money.

b. Relating system reform to historical hated or failed movements (capitalism VS socialism), that becomes obvious in medical aid and care reform, food stamps program and education, as we know the pharmaceutical industry in reality is as strong as the energy industry and the defense industry and for them to accept losing control of “medical insurance” is insane and that’s why we see the war on the medical insurance and the medical sector reform and we see that reform with subsidies given to the poor are called bigger government or a call to embrace socialism and communism.

c. Social injustice and inequality apparent and obvious if you take a visit to any jail in the United States or any country on the planet. One day spent there and you will find out the majority of the prisoners are from a certain (race or religion) and they share a common economic status and that mainly caused the majority of them to be there.

d. The fear factor. Submission by fear one of the oldest methods and is one to prove efficient, practiced within families scaring children to go to sleep or to do this or that or a government scaring its people from a non-existing threat without any kind of proof, examples ( immigrants in America are criminals, Muslims in America wants to install sharia law, black people are dangerous, Europe is losing its identity, refugees are here to take over, all Muslims are terrorists, if we tax the rich we all will lose our jobs, terrorism) and sometimes governments will orchestrate incidents to support the claims and near and far history shows us that it happened before, happening and will happen in the future. Those examples we hear daily on the news and those whom challenges those claims are always met with mockery by the main stream media spewing the claims.

e. Militarizing the police. Different to the factors above this is a result of the division created by the rich and it is true the poor will always riot and hunger and injustice will always force mankind to commit crimes that’s why we see brute extreme force by the police goes unpunished or sometimes encouraged.

f. Wars used within to unite and distract and used without to conquer and benefit one of the quickest ways to benefit, unite and distract if we look at the wars waged in the past decade or initially ones that were waged during G bush administration which is deeply rooted in the oil business industry we find out that while people were dying on all sides and countries resources were drained the oil industry flourished so as the defense industry which benefited from the fear factor that being said Europe learned its lesson and didn’t allow the US to take over Libya which is a major oil and gas country instead the EU led by Italy and France seized the resources the once occupied during the colonization era.

3.The rise of the extremists and fanatics. A result of systems injustice and triggered by fear and when mankind is afraid the basic survival mechanism kicks in and groups starts to form based on common grounds between them such as ( religion, Color, Race, Nationality ) and that results in:

a. The rise of fascism and extreme wings in politics. Such as we see in Europe and the popularity of Donald trump in USA and Vladimir Putin in Russia.

b. Militias the Oregon militiamen lately in the United States plenty of militias based on race or religion in the Middle East especially failing states.

c. Racists movements in EU Due to immigrants escaping wars in failed states in the middle east and this result became so obvious when some EU countries started to publically announced they will only accept refugees based on religion while other countries just wanted none of them which contradicts refugee asylum convention signed by those countries.

d. Terrorist groups another result of inequality and injustice the poor the oppressed will always form around the person they think will guide them toward the light at the end of the tunnel regardless of the sacrifices made and while terrorist groups like to label themselves religious or patriotic most times the main reason is taking control and by targeting the majority of the oppressed and the poor they form a force to be reckoned with. For example if you come to a person whose baby or sister or mother was killed by a drone and or his house was burnt to the ground and all what he or she heard is oops we are sorry or worse you deserve it just like when Ann Coulter said “when is it a bad thing to bomb Arabs?” and then you tell that person “ hey I have an idea to get back at those people” or a poor person against his own government and the bigger the gab is between the layers of society the easier it is for terrorists groups to recruit etc etc.

4.Imperialism rising although it never bowed down to time, recently it became more obvious due to low resources and ofcours is supported by the formerly known as the League of Nations then took a humane form under the united nation and a humane name as the security council. Here are some examples :
a. Russia taking over Cremia of Ukraine ( strategic location)
b. Russia interfering in Syria ( to insure influence in the region )
c. USA tumbling IRAQ ( Oil and defense industry )
d. USA and EU tumbling Libya (Oil and defense industry )
e. The Iran nuclear deal (Oil and defense industry )
f. Selective democracy before and after Arab spring
ill stop here for a moment cause it is a major factor. The main goal of the new middle east was to spread democracy when the Islamic Hamas won the elections in Palestine they were quickly tumbled and isolated and the former power was installed there, when Iraq former government was tumbled the majority of the Sunni Muslims fell under genocide at the hand of the installed government which was-is controlled by Iran, when the Muslims brotherhood won the elections in Egypt they were quickly tumbled and the head of the armed forces was installed in power it shows a pattern that can’t be disputed that we will install whomever we want disregards elections or the reason-reasons behind the change. That by itself is a major recruiting aid by different terrorists and or militias groups.

5.Chaos & Order cycle We think Order is the norm while even in the most chaotic chaos there is a form or a pattern of order and we consider and label each variable that effects the pattern or order as chaos without questioning the Pattern in existence.

6.The shadow council whether we believe it or not there is a shadow council in every country or in the planet that controls the outcome of the power struggle to insure the rich becomes richer and to hell with the rest it is less effective and obvious in some places but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. This is obvious when we see people making promises in elections but policies stays the same the end result is always the same in 99% of the places and 99% of the time, and deep inside I wish that Bernie Sanders wins this upcoming election I believe he would be the variable that will install a new form of chaos that will develop into Order that being said I don’t think he will get a fair chance to be elected they will find something to keep things the way they are and if he survived that then I fear that they might resolve to a higher extreme measures.

In the end I hope I am wrong and the planet doesn’t have to resolve to extreme measures to save itself from mankind’s greed.
©FAT 2016


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