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Life is nothing but a journey
A station after a station
Some travel alone some only
Travel in formation

Each station could be a test
Or a form of quest
A chance to simply rest
Or to build nest

A decision upon a decision
Toward chaos or order
Some go by experience or intuition
While some just cross the border

Some have the journey of a butterfly
Some have that of a tree
Many stops then you die
Or a few that lasts a century

It’s only the chances that were given
Doesn’t matter how long you’re living
Or how much you forgave or forgiven
Or how much you were willing

Time isn’t the indication of happiness
It’s only a soulmate and health
Some dwells for a century in bitterness
Praying for fame and wealth

Some are stuck in-between
Living but not alive
Many chances they have seen
But they won’t move or strive

Some are armed with the will
But stuck in a muddy struggle
Fighting for given chances will
Sink them deeper in the puddle

Some just don’t belong
To their era and time
Everything seems wrong
Like a butchered rhyme

And I am one like those
Destined to crumble
We only rise, risen and rose
To simply tumble
©FAT 2015