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Loving is an experience
That most go through
Every day is a test of resilience
And a game of subdue

Some lovers are there for the vessel
Not the heart and soul
As if time would blow the whistle
before conquering all

Some are there for wealth or fame
And a chance to live
In order to secure a name
A life they’ll give

Some are there to feel superior
They’ll betray, harm and abuse
They see all other hearts inferior
Solely created for their use

Then those addicted to pain
To misery and grief
When not hurt they’ll complain
Then will pack and leave

And then the nomads
Chasing the season’s crop
Partners are neither friends nor comrades
Only a temporarily stop

Then those that give with passion
Comes last and least
They wouldn’t falter or ration
Even if paired with beasts
Those are like the leaves of autumn
Their destiny is, to be forgotten

©FAT 2015