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I am but an open wound
I’ve been cursed and doomed
My children were abandoned
Forgotten, and in darkness stranded

Hamas is nowhere in sight
They have lost the will to fight
And Fatah is only around
Where money can be found

In my streets children are prosecuted
Judged by the enemy, and on scene executed
Few bullets then left to bleed to death
While they stand to watch his parting breath

He was out in the open standing not too far-
From soldiers that hid, inside an armored car
He was armed with small rocks
They had Teflon on, machine guns and glocks

He lay there, in a blood soaked jersey
He left his hand up, but wasn’t begging for mercy
Another innocent victim, of decades of abuse
A tragedy that hardly ever make the news

Then we were told
About this nine years old
To the interrogation room she was dragged
Just because of what she might have bagged

And while the whole world is in toil
Lost in a fight over gold, power and oil
They say “we are here to help’ but not one man
Mentions how or why my strife began

I didn’t seek to change my dictator
Or wanted to install a traitor
Nor wanted to cleanse the minority
As a colony “survival”, was my main priority

Freedom soon, that’s what I was told
But behind the scene I was being cruelly sold
The new League of Nations gladly signed the deal
Balfour pact signatures and the Sykes-picot seal

My allies my cousins
Some died playing dozens

Some proudly died in battle
The rest gave up and joined the cattle

With time some were bent
Some got caught up in wealth
The others were bought
Some just got simply caught

The wind of time with time blows
Now I am no more a noble cause
In a world plagued by a new manufactured crisis
A design by the eagle and its name is ISIS

Over years diplomacy couldn’t get me through
There was the Veto, the imperialists and the Zionists too
And those clans that claims to fight in my name
Turned to fight each other for wealth and fame

Now my children in the street
Masked faces and bare tender feet
Taking a stand against captivity
Willing to pay the price of liberty

On TV we’ll see few speakers
And the so called leaders
Trying to diffuse the movement
Talking about the peace talk improvement

All sides will lie, as they have always lied
They’ll lay more stabs, in the back of martyrs
Who lived, sacrificed, bled and died
Fighting only for, the freedom chapter
©FAT 2015

images credit to google images and their legal owners