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The hunter became the prey
And to the master’s sanctuary was led
A golden alter so beautiful to see
But nonetheless, a sacrificial bed

The lamb thought it was special
As if it had won the lottery
Didn’t know it was all for the sacrificial
And it was all a mockery

A new beginning where no tears are shed
Caressed and rubbed, treated as a queen
Spoiled stroked bathed and fed
Just like what the other goats, have also seen

I used to carry the dagger once
Or lead the lamb down that path
Wore gold yet looked extremely dunce
As it was moments before the dagger’s wrath

Now I am the lamb
That looks extremely gorgeous
She didn’t even know who I am
Except that I was fit for purpose

They say take what you can, take it
For days pass and time flies
But I am one, that can’t fake it
And every day I look myself in the eyes

I am so confused
I am not sure it’s me or this age
And somehow I feel reduced
Not to be a story, but just a page

She wonders now what seal should be broken
For the prophecy to be fulfilled
She assumes that she should give a token
To warm a vessel so chilled

She should have known
The seal is deep within
She should reach inside somehow
Before she can get in

Desires were my northern star
Now my heart comes forth
A bus stop is not who we are
This goat knows it’s worth
©FAT 2015

*Image copy rights Giovanni Dall’Orto