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A dark lounge, sitting at the bar
In a well decorated nice venue
The Captain yelled from afar
“One minute Sir, I’ll bring the cocktails menu”

I laughed and said.

My drink is always strong, dark and neat
No sauce for me, mine is always pure
My drink is not, just a treat
My drink is simply,, a heavenly cure

My drink is a manly drink
And my drink is free of drugs
And I just don’t know what to think
When men ask, for blue bullfrogs

My drink will never unleash the beast
My drink is of peace and joy
Although in a Nordic feast
I’d be as bad as Viking boy

It’s never a reason for someone’s tears
It’s never someone else’s demons
It just serenades my ghosts and numbs my fears
And I believe those are enough good reasons

A sin that help my shoulders carries
These ghosts, these scars, this sin
Mankind cruelty, fears, and worries
Among the sins of peers, lovers, life and kin

A Temporary relief when the liquor sinks in
A sanctuary a refuge from what comes after
From these ghosts that dwell and lurk within
Their cries their tears their screams and laughter

It became the remedy
It was the only choice
A melody to cure my malady
Sang in a demon’s voice

Back to this eve
Last call, the bells are ringing
‘’we are not ready to leave’’
Is what my ghosts are singing

They normally follow with this verse
“Come on let’s play
We are a blessing not curse
And we are here to stay

We are bored of this keep
So let’s get going
Soon we’ll all need to sleep
And your princess is not coming

It’s not her shift
And here goes away the singers
Soon we’ll be the only ones left
Beside the memories that lingers

The bell have been rung
And the lights got stronger
Soon we’ll start to sing in tongue
If you keep us waiting longer

Alas, dear host we give up
All roads seem to lead to Rome
Our singing will stop
If you just take us home”
©FAT 2015

Alcoholism shouldn’t be glorified, if you think you suffer from alcohol abuse or alcoholism get help,,