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No soul shall carry the sin of another
Nor will I ever blame a brother-
For his brother’s deeds
And the one true mother
Is who raised, nursed, fed and bathed
And that’s not always whom carried the seeds

I think I have ran out of luck
Reality cruelly struck
And virtue is, a fool’s disease
To my word I’ve stuck
And became their mock
Now Here I am, on bended knees

For almost forty years
I could not shed my tears
Behind these smiles, I lived and hid
Now the end is nigh and near
And my utmost fear
Is those tears will burst before I am dead

Those pages I have not turned
Stained, reeked, scared and burned
As they marched through my soul
And the heart that have once yearned
Seems to have finally learned
That its past won’t stop until it conquers all

Can’t run away that far
Can’t leave behind no scar
They are all what I breathe and see
And as horrid as they are
They became my northern star
They became the essence that makes me

Banished good and evil souls
Built a few high walls
And thought I would win
But after forty falls
I heard a wise voice calls
The danger is not without, it lurks deep within

Even if now I want to try
These walls are just too high
I’ll just wait right here and except my fate
Every dawn before light engulfs the sky
To loneliness I’ll say “goodnight goodbye,
Till we meet tonight my dear soulmate”

No one’s fault that I bit life’s bait
Or that it’s now a bit too late
To hope, to love to try to live
Always thought that life would wait
But here I am,locked out behind the gate
With nothing to take, nothing to give

It took a little while
To get used to my exile
My sanctuary which now I call home
Loneliness is cold and vile
But the heart learns to smile
And to freely roam

Destiny one can’t surpass
And more scars will come to pass
That is my fate and my life design
Sigh, sigh and alas alas
Stranded but this too shall pass
I’ll live what could be lived and I won’t resign

They said life is a big school
And can teach the greatest fool
Without a fee for admission
And if you are not above the rule
The lessons are harsh and cruel
And it’ll always end  by submission
©FAT 2015