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Finally, what was forever thought is said
Discrimination horn is blown
Humanity is reduced to shred
And true colors are shown

A new soft crusade is rising
Somewhere out in the west
I dread the future counter uprising
Future storms and unrest

Slovakia to immigrants announced
We will only take you in
If your faith is denounced
For Islam is a sin

Hungary prime minister
Claims to defend Christianity
For Islam is sinister
And the utmost insanity

Poland screams it’s an infiltration
We will defend our boarder
These immigrants meet the qualification
Of a shady Islamic order

Czech Republic jumped on the wagon
Singing the same old song
Those bare feet they are dragging
Stands where they don’t belong

What happened to the freedom of religion?
The west have screamed for ages
A vision that was only written
In some torn out pages

What happened to the right of asylum?
What happened to the refugee convention?
Who are they to defile them?
Based on a prejudice conviction

The freedom that was preached and taught
The human rights, which was once fought for
To bended knees, have now been brought
And soon will lay dead on the floor

Denounce or go back to fate
Abandon your faith for shelter
And soon in a future date
They’ll go back to color, race and gender

Selective humanity in power
But that’s how it always been
The wrong faith, race and color
Is considered a sin

My faith lays in the people
Of the countries listed above
To tell the bigots we are all equal  –

And to show some love

ISIS is having a field day
Singing “we told you so
Human rights are just a play
And it doesn’t apply to you

We practice what we preach
Come on now sound the alarms
And victory we’ll reach
If we all go to arms

They colonized us for years
They gave our lands away
Then they’ve installed puppets and fear
But now in blood they’ll pay”

A fair argument for those in need
Those that had nothing to pack
But fear, hope and their blossoming seeds
After taming the mountain and seas
They were told “go back”

To those on the boarders I say
And myself I’ll quote
Don’t be a part of the play
That ISIS and the imperialists wrote

“Formal flags or different banners
Different countries and militia’s names
Same goals, different killing manners
In the end. They are all the same”

To the Germans, the Icelanders
Austrians and the people of Sweden
Your kindness to the outlanders
Have turned their exile, into the Garden of Eden

And a quick tip of the hat
To the Pope of Rome
Who said don’t let hope fall flat
And I’ll share my home

These events will leave few scars
And now History clock rewound
I pray to Allah beyond the stars
To heal this bleeding wound

It’s god’s land which man can’t inherit
Everything but him will perish that’s our life design
Then God will inherit Earth from corner to corner
Immigrants we are and travelers within it
And deep in every man’s bloodline
Resides an immigrant and a foreigner
©FAT 2015

*image rights (AP Photo/Darko Bandic)