Feeling so old
But I was once told
It is because of what I carry
Or what I’ve been trying to bury

Believed I was aged by burdens
And what I hid behind the smiles and curtains
But now I am sure it’s year and days
And these blossoming silver grays

Last week I ran into an angel
Perfection from every angle
But I know I shouldn’t bother
I am probably older than her mother

If it had been 15 years ago
I would have given it a go
It would’ve been winning the lottery
But now it’s only fate’s jokes and mockery

A dead end that’s the truth
Unless I find, the fountain of youth
But then fate will find a way
To send her away

Her hair is a serene smiling river
Silky arrows lining in a beautiful quiver
You’ll never see it launched at you
But you’ll feel it as its piercing through

In her path there is no need for cupid
Her smile makes men act stupid
I pray she be careful, safe and wise
For honey not only attract bees-
but sometimes attract flies

I bet when she was born
The skies were torn
And hell was peaceful and still
As this beautiful angel fell

Dear lord bless her with health
A kind companion, success and wealth
Bless her with courage, wisdom and will
And strike with wrath-
those who doesn’t wish her well

Soon the world will turn
And time will heal this burn
Soon I am back to my sanctuary, my cavern
Free from all the spells
Of the princess of the market tavern

©FAT 2015