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An imperialist I am
No regrets no shame
Time have changed a lot
And so did my game

Carrying a regalia
to Australia

I have enslaved I have invaded
Those only armed with spear and spades
My own bad seeds I have migrated
Armed with rifles and blades

Aborigines will do better under my reign
I have a lot to give
For years they’ll resist the chains
Then they’d just want to live

Africa, beat the drum
Here I come..

A missionary of sort
A general and the crown’s envoy
A nurse and preacher drunk on port
And an army convoy

A whip is what we brought
To trade for your gold
Actually on a second though
We’ll take what could be sold

Kill all the elephants you see
Ivory makes a great souvenir
Raid all the chocolate trees
And leave nothing out there

Take the artifacts and gold
Take diamonds. Copper and coal
Take young women and leave the old
And as for the men just take them all

health and education I have restricted
thou shall not read is what I’ll breach
my reign will remain protected
as long as knowledge, is out of reach

Carry all what we can
On these sailing ships
Every able woman and man
And our guns and whips

display their history in our galleries
display their kind in human zoos
for our victories and the good memories
allow them to sing the blues

In the high seas lets venture
May America be an adventure

What a massive land
Free for the taking
these trusting tribes and bands
are so mistaking

they are teaching us to survive this winter
they are giving us food and supplies
when the warm days enter
the truce no more applies

by the greater good creed
we will raid, destroy and kill
and to satisfy our greed
we will shoot at will

There are not much of them left now
Hiding in few number, haunted by fear and hunger
Put them in reservations, if they accept and bow
And then unleash, the redskins bounty hunters

Now that we are at ease
Behold our creation
Built by the slaves and the Chinese
On the graves of the native Indians nation

Now to tame the beast
Let’s ride east

The ottomans we’ll bury
And the sick man of Asia
The land of spices and curry
Will be a part of our great fantasia

We’ll get rid of the Zionist Jews
And give the Arab nation a cancer
We’ll pay the Nazi’s dues
And Palestine is the answer

So quick to believe so quick to trust
Mere Bedouins they are with a violent god
Controlled by pride and ruled by lust
Their greed runs deep and is thicker than blood

What a chance we’ve blown, If only we had known
About the oil that we couldn’t have seen
They would have been now a day a part of the throne
Singing every day ‘’ god save the queen ‘’

After sixty years I was awaken
To realize I was mistaking

Dear lord forgive my sins
And I pray the people will do too
All my previous wins
Took me away from you

I see all the lands I’ve conquered
Suffers hunger and poverty
Their fate I wish I have not altered
Stealing their ancestor’s pride and property

My grandsons now, so strong so young
And they have mastered the trading skills
They replaced the whip with a conning tongue
And along the tongue a license to kill

They still rule by fear
And they’ll hold them up
Raise them above their peers
Until their payment stops

An enemy after an enemy
They will create and create
Then they’ll come as the remedy
If they bit the bait

Al-Qaida then Iran
And lately ISIS
And the oldest plan
The Arab Shia Sunni crisis

And Africa is still the mine
Diamond, ivory and chocolate too
Children on the production line
Ebola, nuclear wastes and 10 types of flu

Famine and drought
War lords and pharmaceuticals experiment
But what is the fuss about
It’s their fate and predicament

The grandsons of our former slaves
Now seeks our shore
In small boats they ride the wailing waves
Just to die before

Closing our boarder is the only solution
According to the likes of Nigel Farage
They are not worth a fair prosecution
It’s not our fault they’ve chased a mirage

Jihadists and poverty are the only outcome
And UK should not even spend a pound
The Polish are invading UK and soon more will come
Greeks, Syrians and others are midway inbound

Put their miseries in dispute
Accept only whom we see fit
Disregard that they are the fruit
Of the world that we’ve built

For what we call failed states
We shouldn’t pay and care
To each their own I state
It’s their own affair

Bygones be bygones to the criminal and victim
And what have been done is done
I pray our children one day find the wisdom
The courage and strength to replace the gun

To learn how to take and give
To let live and to empathize
To learn how to forgive
And how to sympathize

To stop making excuses
For those interested in their own gain
Those whom exploits and abuses
Our fears, needs and pain

An imperialist I was born
I was proud of my factions
My sins I have proudly worn
Along with my actions

If I only I have seen
What we’ve came to today
I wouldn’t have been
The evil in this play

God will forgive and people will do too
Those who regret remorse and then repent
My sins I’ll carry I’ll leave the rest for you
A life healing rebuilding, is, a life well spent,,,,

©FAT 2015