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Dear eyes why can’t you weep
Dear eyes why can’t you cry
The tears have dug too deep
But The well is full not dry

Cast away these demons
That haunts my night
Pour out all the reasons
And make it right

Bless me with forgiveness
And make me forget
what we have suffered and witnessed
what we have faced and met

Dear crow the tears won’t show
Would you lend a hand?
Make them fall and flow
Right here where we stand

My liege my old friend
I can’t lift this curse
Tears won’t go with the wind
And their scars are worst

It’s a river that we can’t stop
and we’ll have to endeavor
It starts with a single drop
then it will rain forever

forgive me my liege
For I have failed
your wish is out of reach
your curse prevailed

Your tears will burn inside
and they’ll leave some scars
souvenirs that will reside
Of lost battles and wars

the scars will always grow
but we can’t Wear them in pride
Those who look closely will know
what we mask and hide

alas, You are free to leave
I’ll just gather my strength
Inside ill shall weep and grieve
for you and my tears, have failed me at length

And I know fate isn’t done with me yet
Fate has more games to play
and I know I can safely bet
That I’ll lose and pay

I wish they would tear me apart
Perhaps right then they’ll yield
when they find her carved in my heart
beneath the mask and shield

my liege if I may
An advice to give
No gain in pain I say
And she deserve to live
one day memories will be gone
And we will carry on

©FAT 2015