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The blue’s true king
Used to play and sing
“There must be a better world somewhere”.
Lucile rest your strings
Finally I can spread my wings
And now, I can take you there

” Nobody loves me but my mother ”
“blues man” &”we can’t agree” with one another
“guess who” and “five long years”
“chains and things “and “same old story”
“every day I have the blues” and “worry worry”
89 long years of smiles and tears

Everything goes past
Nothing in life will last
But legends live forever
Although now “the thrill is gone”
His songs will carry on
Like an everlasting river

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
To the king we had and now lost
Dear lord we pray that you rest the king
All the years he dedicated
Will be forever celebrated
His name the blues shall forever sing
Hail the king of blues , hail the king

©FAT 2015