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Like a lamb to the slaughter
I am being led
I have been given some water
And I have been fed

Death lingers in the air
The scent is so over whelming
A machete is laid right there
And a masked man is filming

Fearless I must stand
Steady my walk shall be
Until that cowardly hand
Is done with me

The sedatives I have been given
Will soon fade away
I pray to the lord of heaven
I don’t scream today

I am but a simple man
Living a life of strife
Doing everything I can
For my kids and wife

They say my killing will prove
Their might and strength
And that every simple move
Will amount to much at length

Some say I am a victim of oil
Some say I am the fuel for fear
Some say I am the price of soil
Some say it’s my luck I am here

Some say the eagle holds their hand
To scare my rich neighbors
Weapons will be in high demand
And will count as favors

Some say their Jihad is true
Or they’ll paint the caliphate new
but they are killing innocent Christians and Jews
and they are killing Muslims too

The end is nigh
And I can see a cage
I guess if by knives I die
I won’t make front page

The sight of my burning flesh
Will enhance the play
When they start to smell the stench
They’ll gladly pay

For what they all desire
Innocents are to pay the price
We die by knives and fire
So they can have their slice

Their tastes and flavors vary
We must be cooked to taste
A burden that we must carry
It is the innocent’s fate

Formal flags or different banners
Different countries and militia’s names
Same goals, different killing manners
In the end. they are all the same
©FAT 2015

i am anti war crimes whether committed by a regular army or an occupation force or a terrorist group or a terrorist individual or a mercenary security company hired by a government,,,, by any nationality race or religion .

pictures from Syria , Palestine and Gaza , Iraq , N Carolina, Libya, Africa  were too graphic to be added .