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deadplsUpon sunrise I sing
And I pray for luck
Then I spread my wings
And join the flock

Upon sunset they came
While we sat to rest
I sought the sky to claim
Before they cast their nets

I fell in their web
With the rest of my peers
A cage is my next step
Then my ultimate fear

To be the helpless prey
In a rich man’s game
I wish i died yesterday
No regrets no shame

They’ll hold me by one wing
They will swing me around
They’ll swing and swing
Then i am thrown to ground

They must be certain that
I cannot seek some tree
Rich men won’t pay for that
If I escape or flee

I limp on the grass
With broken bones and more
Alas alas
Soon I’ll be no more

I want to rest real quick
I can’t stand at all
But they will scream and kick
Until I slowly crawl

I see my kens, bleeding everywhere
Some grasp for water, some grasp for air
Some cry and beg the people there
Some might survive, some beyond repair

They laugh and smile
As our heads are torn
Then in that garbage pile
We are finally thrown
Alas alas, soon I will be no more
Reduced from a beauty of nature to just a score

©FAT 2015

more on live pigeon shooting from Showing Animals Respect & Kindness (SHARK) website http://sharkonline.org below some youtube links from their channel  caution some are graphic for animal cruelty