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O Year two thousand and fifteen
What will you bring?
Horrors that I’ve foreseen
Or just a peaceful beautiful spring

The Veto was used again
In the last day of last year
The occupation will remain
Despite the Palestinian’s tears

The kangaroo was built by occupation
And they are also known
To support whomever in power
And will forever kiss the throne

The oil prices have dropped
To starve the mighty west, and the wounded east
A game that can’t be stopped
But will enrage the hungry beast

Real money is not in oil
So says the central bank
Wars have a better spoil
Plus you can sell more tanks

They took permission to hit Syria
From the man with the Mona Lisa’s smile
The price was to look away in Crimea
Diplomacy is forever vile

They are playing Russian roulette
Creating a fake defiance
They compiled a new world threat
And asked for a new world alliance

Then scare tactics are sought
To scare the naive lords
There are weapons to be bought
To stop the marching hordes

Use all the weapons you got
We will fight on your account
We will sell you more weapons, but
Without discount

Ideas can not die
Even if they seem unreal
One day someone will try
To make that idea real

Power corrupt
And end justify means
Soon the media will erupt
With fake bombing scenes

911 files are forever lost
And the French have learned the lesson
They have paid the initial cost
And soon they’ll cause a recession

The lords need a license to kill
To freely prosecute and imprison
The remaining hungry immigrants will-
Always eat less in prison

The population is increasing
Extreme measures in need
The lords income are decreasing
And there are more mouths to feed

The result is clear not vague
There will be a war
And there will be a plague
Just like the one before

The eagle will always hide
The truth behind the moon
And what does reside
Beneath the great brown lagoon

Weapons to make men insane
Or to make the earth fractures
The mystery of the Malaysian plane
And the Fukushima reactors

The oldest crown will remain
The eagle will pluck its feathers
The Bear will not sleep again
The poor will come together
From the shadow the dark lords, will maintain the power
In one hand a dagger in the other a flower

©FAT 2014

image copyright belongs to

Chaos  of the  Wire (Free photobank www.tOrange.us) / CC BY 4.0