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From the east to the west
Celebrations have started
Miseries have been put to rest
As if all sadness departed

They taken animals to the slaughter
To celebrate the day of Eid
They shared amongst each other
And forgot those in need

Then came thanksgiving
Where they gathered to feast
Table decorated with loved ones and linen
But lacks an immigrant seat

For Hanukkah candles are lit
To celebrate freedom and justice
Eight days to forget
The Zionist occupation forces injustice

Now Christmas is here
A mere man made celebration
The heathens celebrated it for years
And the church claimed the occasion

They are gathered around the fire
Aside a decorated tree pointing up to god
And my walls are made of barbwire
And my tree is stained with blood

Help will come they said
Medicine, blankets, soldiers and food
Still a refugee with no roof above my head
Since this war occurred

They said wait for the season of winter
And the horns of war will cease to rattle
But with everyday a new wolf pack enter
The struggle to cease the cattle

Humanity keeps hitting new lows
Sharing with the homeless is now a sin
I can care less about a rich man laws
I will always share till they take me in

They say they have to group them in shelters
To look after, to feed and treat
We’ve seen the abuse in the houses of elders
They just want to clean the streets

Rich men will always and forever
Aim to enrich their stable
If it was up to them they’d Endeavor
To eliminate the ones unable

My eyes see no status no color
No nationality or race
With shells I can’t be bothered
I see the soul behind the face

They are fooled by wealth and fame
And seldom I am fooled by beauty
But I’ll never be what they became
Fate always reminds me of duty
©FAT 2014

image Copyrights tiny.cc/syriafreedom