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Thanksgiving is not the same
Forgotten all lessons learned
Nothing is left but the name
And a frozen bird

Teaching and giving with passion
Empathy for those despairing
Showing gratitude and compassion
And finding joy in sharing

Immigrants in a foreign land
Chasing hope seeking life
weakened souls, unable hands
Nature and predators, fear and strife

The natives stepped in
Taught them what they didn’t know
When seasons ends and begin
And how to fish and grow

The immigrants gave back
And a mighty feast was held
Plates full of food in stacks
Hearts with joy and gratitude filled

Unfairly the tables turned
Favors and oaths forgotten
80 millions killed, many villages burned
And fields were filled with slaves and cotton

Shamefully the bounty hunters wore proudly
Guns and ropes, redskins and ascots
And dare now the likes of bill O’reilly
Defend the shameful Redskins mascot

More years have passed
Events were marked with a celebration
God bless the souls that passed
And comfort those living in reservations

Now with humanity mauled
Enslaved by silver and gold
Aliens parasites illegal and bold
Is what new immigrants are called

They want to build electric fences
Lay mines and to shoot on sight
Label giving and helping offenses
And to waver medical and education right

They say they taint our neighborhood
They raise and waste our taxes
They steal our jobs and food
and will use their machetes and axes

If only the ancestors could speak
Of what they felt and gone through
Of what they ran from and migrated to seek
You’ll know what immigrants pursue

The jobs you seek, were sent abroad
They money you lack, is piled elsewhere
Question those on TV who play god
And tells you of your struggle from upstairs

Nothing clouds the vision
Like envy, lust and greed
And what taints a decision
Are selfish wants and need

Sharing is of naivety and hypocrisy is the creed
And to mankind empathy, became estranged
They think of today but not of their seeds
When the tables are turned and roles are exchanged

For the future don’t be a lesson
And Heed the lessons of the past
Live and share your blessings
For nothing but Him will forever last
©FAT 2014