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A heart and a soul centuries apart
Entwined and tangled in an endless battle
When one retreats the other one starts
Their battle bells can never cease to rattle

The soul is wise yet broken and worn
For preservation it had itself enshrouded
The heart is brave and willing but also torn
Desires and hope had its vision clouded

One speaks of all sacrifices
And how they both survived
One want to make more compromises
And have both lives revived

One is the enemy within
With a lot to offer and give
One deems that a sin
To ask for another chance to live

One can’t seem to have faith in fate
And wants to be content and spiritual
One strive to find their soul mate
And awaits a miracle

The heart is eager and willing
But not the soul
To fill the void that needs filing
And to conquer all

Hearts are addicted to pain
To wisdom it can’t resign
But a journey is always in vain
If there isn’t a finishing line

Their goal and hopes disclosed
And it makes me wonder
If the battle will be resolved
Before they are six feet under

In the vessel they are only guests
And the flesh can’t forever roam
The heart will one day rest
And the soul will find its home
©FAT 2014