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A year and a half to go
For my 100 years anniversary
But Fate is a treacherous foe
And time is a formidable adversary

I was fed by death
Without a mother I was born
A month after my brother’s breath
My parents became well known

My will does reach the cloud
And my pawns can’t swerve
Imprisoned In a golden shroud
And their subjects still blindly serve

What I loudly preach
Their wealth is mine by God
And between what they can reach
Lays massacres, wars and blood

Revolution on top of revolutions
That I have seen decay
Summits, Panels and solutions
But the veto voted nay

Today blasphemy reek
And it is getting out of hand
Of a caliphate they speak
To reunite the land

They say I’ll die next year
And my brother will follow
Their lies I must not fear
And their words they’ll swallow

But what drove them mad
Something must have gone wrong
Simple naive nomads
Have grown too strong

Their money I spent wisely
I have given them life
So exciting and lively
Bombs, golden chains and strife

Occupations I have clarified
But they do not understand
Massacres I have justified
And still right here they stand

Now the crazed are multiplying
Every day and night
And the peaceful are dyeing
Beheaded left and right

Soon humanity will hide
And the end will begin
All sides will soon collide
For what they cannot win

Who would I fool?
What would I cherish?
Who would I rule?
When they all die and perish

Dear Lord Forgiveness I ask
And mercy I hope you’ll show
On my brother Balfour pact
And myself Sykes–Picot
©FAT 2014