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Unfair cards have been dealt
Injustice I have seen and felt
All the memories that got carried
Of Loved ones that got buried
Their happiness their misery
Became a part of me

Life is nothing but a path
An action and an aftermath
Or it is only a play
No rehearse no replay
The beginning is a cry
And in the end a sigh

like a candle you and I
We only live to die
Alone we are born
And living only burn
And As the pages turn
We simply die alone

Ignorance is a blessing
But don’t go on by guessing
It’s never a shame to budge
And never hold a grudge
Remorse, regret and repent
And yourself don’t you rent

Be graceful when defeated
Treat like you want to be treated
Give as much as you expect
In kindness, love and respect
Promises are made to be kept
And treachery is just a debt

Make amends where you can
And sometimes adjust your plan
Others don’t abuse
Nor be, used or use
Forms of life don’t treat in vain
They can still feel the pain

People and books
Shouldn’t be judged by looks
And be careful with words
They cut as deep as swords
Sometimes when they are spoken
A heart a soul could be broken
Β©FAT 2014

just a late night scrambled scribble .