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She came back expecting gratitude
And an ear that listens
But after fifteen years in solitude
This heart, have learned its lesson

In solitude Time doesn’t fly
And days amount to years
Hearts Stung once twice shy
So excuse my fears

Today I stand corrected
Feelings, can’t be awoken
Nor can be resurrected
When the heart is broken

I don’t mean to condescend
But I still worry and care
About that long lost friend
Who you once were

You share her smile her scent
Her eyes her name
Yet this heart that came and went
Is not the same

Yes I am changed I know
Outside my years are showing
And the silence that lurks below
Keeps growing and growing

I forgave but can’t forget
And my wounds I’ve mended
No remorse and no regret
And, I have repented

My silence is not to avenge
And I went on forth
Living is the utmost revenge
And now I know my worth

An unforgivable crime
And nothing can be worse
Than stealing someone’s time
For time you can’t reimburse
Β©FAT 2014