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Some write to get things off their chests
Some write for recognition and fame
Some write to please the rest
While for some it’s all the same

Some worry how they may affect our seeds
While some can’t be bothered
And some writes to misguide and mislead
Based on how much is offered

Some write to spread racism and hate
With a passion that cannot falter
Such as the devil’s soul mate
The lovely Ann Evil Coulter

Racism in every speech
Hate in every message
With fools to echo the screech
And fox news to sell the package

Then those who still scream
Redskins redskins
To cheer a football team
Named after their ancestor’s sin

Chanted by every loyal fan
The term they adore and adored
That means scalping a native man
For a fine reward

To the miseries of the past
Ignorance keeps them blinded
And our fight will forever last
As long as we are reminded

Drawn like a flying moth
To serve a flag
It is only a painted cloth
And, could have been a bag

Righteousness they all claim
In such a great noble manner
Underneath they are all the same
Under every flag and banner

To the people I stay loyal
Regardless of where they are
To shallow differences I am disloyal
And to supremacism and war
©FAT 2014