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In a Shepherd Market corner
A small French restaurant
Duck confit was the order
And some sauvignon Blanc

On a table next to mine
There was an andra and a Michelle
We all had some spare wine
And a lot of time to kill

Michelle had issues
Andra was full of advice
Then tears and tissues
Hard liquor and ice

My friend decided to join
To lighten the mood
He flashed a coin
Then the wine renewed

Around the story teller
The Tables have entwined
A story that is a thriller
Of a lover so unkind

My judgment is always harsh
And I was asked to judge
Time to seek the marsh
To flee and dodge

The corner was bare
But of bricks and stones
Stares that fills the air
And chills the bones

Two things I’ve learned in my early youth
I can never lie to save my hide
And there is a line between rudeness and truth
That the listener always enjoy to hide

Andra smiled Michelle heavily grumbled
My faithful friend decided to stalk the moon
Fists were clenched eyes were crumbled
‘’ murder by number’’ was the moment’s tune

One more question was asked
To confirm my guilt
With innocence it was masked
And smiles so heart felt

Twice I got stung
Not once but twice
For my restless tongue
Now I’ll pay the price

I better plan my escape
The measures might be drastic
I should hide every pointy shape
And things that are not made of plastic

Michelle was the worry
Andra was full of class
She wasn’t in a hurry
To finish her glass

But sides must be taken
To please her friend
With fake loyalties awaken
The night had to end

She jumped on the sailing boat
To sail away with trouble
Her fading light brown rain coat
The light at the end of the tunnel

But to my surprise
She turned to smile and wave
A joyful sight for soaring eyes
But alas, I have dug my grave

©FAT 2014

was bored so decided to write for fun about a one encounter i had with a lovely lady called Andra in Shepherd Market , Mayfair ,London.