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A working force we are called
When we carry the load
Parasites we are called
When we can’t afford

They say my tax is fair
A Rich people’s claim
Shush and don’t you dare
We all pay the same

What is left in my pocket
Keep me off a starvation stage
Cost and Inflation sky rocket
And here lay my minimum wage

It was made to support
A family like yours and mine
Now a days it only escort-
Us below the poverty line

They say my demands and plead
Will hurt my folks and nation
Their wants are just, but not my needs
Their resorts their planes and my starvation

Job creators shall be defended
So said this man on fox news
All the ethics he bended
But he does have an excuse

The media is owned by the rich
And the rich make governments
Dug in their own front and trench
Above all laws and punishments

Unions that once stood strong
Now hang on gallows
Fair wage was once a song
But corruption swallows

By capitalism I am destined
To be just a tool
If I speak of change I am sentenced
To be called a fool

We’ll be labeled lazy and needy
Cause we don’t have a choice
Jealous, bitter and greedy
When we raise our voice
In my struggle the rich will never believe
My evolution is always considered a threat
That’s why when they die, the money the leave
Will Sometimes go to their favorite pet!

So many stories to tell
About the empires that fell
How they were brought to their knee
By women and men like you and me
Life isn’t worth living without a cause
And Revolution is just against unjust laws

©FAT 2014

i dont care what economic system one should follow,but i know for sure capitalism isnt working only in favor for the 3%-10% of the society and it needs an intensive invasive revision and perhaps a dose of socialism would do until then.

President Roosevelt once warned: “Do not let any calamity-howling executive with an income of $1,000 a day, …tell you…that a wage of $11 a week is going to have a disastrous effect on all American industry.” (1) and these days all what what we see on fox news are panels of so called experts and overpaid news pundits telling us an increase in minimum wage will hurt the economy history repeats it self…

(1) Franklin Roosevelt, Public Papers and Address, Vol. 7