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People are Simple notes
On the string of time
Some would linger and floats
Some dies before their prime

Some to one’s ear unkind
Some, are so heart felt
Time won’t care how we are lined
You will always play the cards you are dealt

Time is constant, and people are not
Eternal it is and we are fated to perish
Destined to dust, after we slowly rot
Yet with time time’s strength, can only flourish

History repeats itself is what I say
And it is only time, that will forever last
The presence is a preview, of judgment day
And the future is just, mistakes of the past

Time is a mystery we cannot parse
Like, one plus one equals two
And ‘’ time have changed ‘’ is just a farce
The truth is that, only people do

Too soon forgotten the lessons they learned
And loved ones are taken for granted
Bridges are always for no reason burned
Differences with assumptions are always branded

Chairs rotate and never last a throne
And what goes around, comes around
Men will always fight for what can be won
Even imaginary lines they drew on ground

Death they fear and they only respect your strength
And to life and living they have surrendered
While true life isn’t measured, by how much or length
It is only just how you are remembered
ยฉFAT 2014