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venomous scribbles

The Sides of the scale are never equal

And Life and fate are never faithful

Moments of joy and laughter, vanishes real fast

While suffering days and scars, would forever last

For a good reason scars doth never heal

On flesh on souls on stainless steel

A reminder when memories fail and fade

Of the price that you have previously paid

Persuaded by life we sail and hope

With pain and tears we try to cope

We never realize the truth, until its late

That we are just pawns in this game of fate

Goals to achieve, we were given

Fame and wealth, love and heaven

Some, I can justify, some I cannot deem

Few are worthy to be someone’s dream

These smiles I wear doth only hide

A Scar of time and a shattered pride

Sanctuary and serenity I try to seek

In these words…

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