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A peaceful moonless night
A soft shy dimmed table light
Lying beside this tree, comparing scars
And when silence reign we stalk the stars

Sinking in my thoughts the present and past
Wondering as I go deeper, if my breath would last
And how many more pages in this journey of mine
Would it satisfy my thirst or be like this bottle of wine

I look at the sky and say God bless the dead
And rest their souls until they ascend
Sealed lips, motionless and flesh so rotten
But worthy kind souls Cannot be forgotten

People are treacherous so are fate and life
If one doth stab, the others twist the knife
Life is a sentence for an uncommitted crime
And sometime living, is just serving time

When happiness and joy flee your gaze
The seconds are hours and hours take days
And as crazy as it may seem
A peaceful night, becomes a dream

Your pocket is your worth, is what people say
And if you are not a hunter, you are a prey
Kindness is of naivety, and honest people dunce
The end justify the means, and you live only once

Not being blessed with looks is seen as a curse
Being poor is a crime and it is actually worse
Bigots are hawks and wise men are pigeons
And it is fair to hate based on race and religion

Misplaced trust for our greed and lust
Trusting hearts and hearts, are so unjust
To get hurt and burnt our hearts are fated
A goodbye is the destiny of whatever that mated

An inevitable fact guaranteed by time
A punishment that doesn’t fit the crime
Whether you plan ahead or live for the moment
Fate will always be the victorious opponent
Β©FAT 2014