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Between a rock and a hard place
My lonely heart is aching
Smiles have fled my face
And my will is slowly breaking

Imprisoned in my heart
Yet free to roam
Any journey I start
Only takes me home

The Misery and worry
Makes half of me
A bag of smiles I carry
For the rest to see

Eyes can’t cry
In time of strife
The well gone dry
By time and life

Misplaced trust
Treacherous act
No love but lust
And broken pacts

My life is a play
And I am the only actor
I am the hunter and prey
The savior and captor

Living isn’t a crime
And I can’t give in
I’ll just serve my time
And raise my chin

To The cards I am dealt
Of pain and sorrow
I have never knelt
But kept seeking morrow

I will swim against the flow
Cause I know my worth
Wind of change will blow
As I move on forth

I am neither broken nor bent
And wounds will one day heal
Sometimes my scars will vent
But I am made of steel

The immortal the wise
Will see me through
Everything else dies
But my faith won’t do

His wisdom is my addiction
His light makes everything grows dim
I know if I was touched by affliction
No one can cure it but Him
Β©FAT 2014