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We used to go through life focused on being
Now the journey is only mere sightseeing
consumers we are so focused on having
While they sit in the back, exploiting and laughing

We are led by fear looked upon in pure disgust
Leaders are led by power and power does corrupt
Even the ones that grew, amongst the common
Their skin is quickly shed, when their master summon

End justify the means, is their only creed
They are enslaved by power, stained by greed
The fame the gain the wealth they crave
All will matter not, inside a grave

Symphonies we composed now we make ringtones
And we stand in line for days, to get the new iphones
Billions in pills and luxuries, so that life we can endure
The profit lays in a prolonged struggle, without a cure

For a grown for a child or a confused teen
There is always a contest, to nominate a queen
The message is loud and clear, can’t be mistook
A human is being reduced, to just how she look

One thousand ways, to make a woman feel bitter
To buy fake lips and hips hair dye and glitter
Equality, independency and so on and on
And they wonder why chivalry is gone

Real men can’t be found, they are a dying breed
All what we see around are merely bags of seed
Evolution and history is being put on pause
There are no real men left to serve the cause

Newton, Einstein, Aristotle and Mozart
Homer, Da Vinci the great and Picasso’s art
Avicenna, Al Khwarizmi , Socrates , Koch and Fleming
Case closed I am done the past is clearly winning

©FAT 2014

scrambled thoughts on (being and having) and ( the greatest women and men of all time ) and how the greatest minds of the past were driven by passion and cause Vs the minds of today where exploitation of wants not needs is the main driver behind creativity and invention.