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domestic violence

Dwelling and dwelling
Will get you nowhere
Hiding that eye that is swelling
Crying down the stairs

He will come back to say sorry
He didn’t mean to hit and yell
That You shouldn’t fear or worry
That next time he will

He reminds you of the children you share
And of what would happen to him
And that you are not being fair
To yourself or them

Now Next time is here
Your screams are filling the building
You’re lying with broken ribs and tears
And a forever scarred hurting children

If for the kids you are staying
And that you are afraid they’ll fall
Have faith in that saying
God will take care of all

Look at all the flocks
The cattle and herds
Ants beneath the rocks
And you will believe His words

He will give the one in need
You shouldn’t stay any longer
Your cubs He will feed
And He will make them stronger

Sometimes you just have to pack and leave
No hugs no kisses no bye
Sounds hard but just believe
And stand up and try

Don’t hide between the lines
For help you should directly ask
Although they can see the signs
They wear the ignorance mask

Some can’t or won’t reach out
Independence they do claim
Some are filled with pain and doubt
Some trapped in fear and shame

We used to help and care
And look out for one another
Now the neighbor’s hardship affair
became a bother

For a funeral they spent twelve million
And more on bombs
A wedding that did cost a billion
And dollar for single moms

Survival of the fittest is now the law
And it is all what I am seeing
But that is for creatures of the claw
Not for us human beings

No more ties in families
And humanity is on a shelf
Broken maimed societies
You only fend for yourself

Corrupted presidents and religion’s scholars
Rich men of communism and capitalism systems
Predators enslaved by dollars
And we are their victims
©FAT 2014


if you see the signs try to help. most victims needs guidance you can give domestic violence help groups numbers and flyers to victims in private or leave them in obvious places where they can see them.