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I am being called to the front
Another ghost to be caught
Another wild goose hunt
Another war to be fought

They say honor awaits
With Recognition and fame
Go ahead and join your mates
There is a victory to claim

The same old speech
Just different faces
A carrot that you’ll never reach
Just more unsolved cases

They forgot that I am old
That I have been around
I won’t do as told
And I will hold my ground

Still bound by my vow
And my oath will always stand
But to lies I can’t bow
or join a mercenary band

They aim to draft more kids
Persuade them by things
Saying if they do their bids
They get free education and blings

Recruiting immigrants is never hard
For them they have a new trick in store
They only smile and flash a greenish card
If they could survive a tour

They are in their teens
Toughness they do claim
With only hardship seen
Was in some video game

They are not old enough to drink but-
They can go to wars
But of course that does matter not
Cause they are my kids and yours

The rich don’t see these miseries
And the same families still in power
They will be praised by history
Until the judgment hour

They drag kids to their fights
Ask them to fight with pride
And when they ask for their rights
They are tossed aside

They have joined the cult
For them I deeply grieve
It is a sport for a disturbed adult
Where no one can quit or leave

The horrors they will see
Will leave them never
The horrors they will be
Will stain them forever

Now No dreams at all
And No hope to grasp
Only Nightmares of fireballs
And Severed limbs to clasp

Getting medicine is hard
And most can’t stay sober
Now that they are discharged
The honey moon is over

My wings will once more spread
And I will have to fly again
Hoping that I will teach these kids
That there is no glory in pain
And what goes around comes around is true
What you do to others will be done to yours and you
©FAT 2014


a scrambled thought on unjustified wars and recruitment