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BusstopIt is three in the morning
City chaos is gone
The clock is slowly turning
And I am all alone

Whether it’s hot or cold
The nights I always survive
And when the night grows old
My friends arrive

Soon they will be here
To start my day
And I enjoy to hear
What they have got to say

Some tell of what they have lost
Some tell of what they will achieve
Some just sits in silence and mistrust
And then they quickly leave

I love to hear their stories
I love how they confide in me
Even if they don’t share my worries
It is still ok by me

I am fine I am strong
I don’t need a pack
And It won’t be long
before they are back

sadness I could show
I could wear that mask
I know that game is low
But they might be tempted to ask

The stage is ready
and the roles rearranged
they came and left already
and nothing have changed

this stranger approaching
seems to be in a lot of trouble
she either needs some coaching
or just to snuggle and cuddle

she just slid under my arm
And nothing was said
She knew she was safe from harm
And just laid down her head

she is hugging me so tight
to escape the cruel cold wind
this feels so right
but here comes her friend

he didn’t say hi
he just helped her up
and to say good bye
she didn’t turn or stop

I am made of steel
My eyes can’t cry
Even when all I feel
Is life passing me by

@FAT 2014