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Lovely curly hair, angelic smile and such
with magical hands and a heavenly touch
She never falter, she is free of flaws
This dove of mine defies all earthly laws

She is peace and chaos she is a poisonous cure
She is fire and water she is satanic and pure
she is My sanctuary my prison and my judgment hour
How can this dove possesses such a godly power

My heart finds joy when she smiles and wink
And in her grace my eyes would never blink
My brain my thoughts losses decency and class
When those angelic lips start to kiss that glass

This goddess of mine can clearly see the signs
But she is someone’s princess but also mine
Committed she is, otherwise she is keen
And committed I am until she is made a queen
What a lucky man that will hold her and embrace
Then fall asleep and wake up to that angel’s face

@FAT 2014

a random thought.

just got back from London and Dubai flu is better thanks for the get well wishes.