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From the land of anguish
Misery and pain
Loud screams and shouts
Driving me insane

Tears rolling freely
Down on my cheek
I can murmur and whisper
But can hardly speak

Curled up in pain
Inside my bed
The end is nigh
Inside my head

My lips are shaking
My skin does hurt
It is cold out side
But I soaked my shirt

I can hear the steps
And my ears are sore
Is that the reaper?
Outside my door

No it is an angel
Fully dressed in white
No halo no wings
But her glow is bright

She said young man
I really feel for you
You are haunted and plagued
By a true man flu
©FAT 2014


i am being humbled during my short visit to London by a minor flu , i think sometimes it is good to be reminded how weak and fragile we are so we can sympathize and empathize better with others.