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They said they are coming for us
And we should leave right now
Some fought and got on the bus
Some didn’t know how

The eldest and children they planned to send away
But morality under fear can’t be sustained
“Survival of the fittest” came into play
And my faith in mankind was forever stained

We fled before sunrise
Carrying nothing but fear
No farewell no goodbyes
Only screams and tears

My mother says it’s alright
We’ve escaped the pillage
With a look of sadness and fright
Whenever she look back at our village

I can see the smoke and the light of bullets
We cried we prayed as the fight inclined
I can hear the dying screams of the rebel’s turrets
I can smell the burning flesh of whom we left behind

Before the border we were stopped
By a group of men
Off everything we were robbed
They even took my coloring pen

They took my friend outside
He is only fourteen years old
They stabbed his father inside
To make him do as he is told

A question I asked that went unanswered
Which side of the war my friend will claim?
My mother leaned down and quietly Answered
Most times my son they are all the same

Two nights on the road
And hunger is creeping
We have exhausted our load
And I find difficulty sleeping

Now that I’ve seen death and heard its sound
I am sleepless and crumbled in my seat
From the chaos  a sanctuary I have found
Listening to my mother’s heart quietly beat

I woke up to them cheering
I guess we are finally there
Eyes full of happiness tearing
No more fear and despair

Water and food we were given
And a spacious tent
This place looks of heaven
And these men are true god sent

First year have passed
And we are still here
My father’s soul have passed
And my eyes are dry of tears

This soldier I hate more than the other
Cause I heard him say to his friend one time
“What do you really think of that kid’s mother?
How far would she go if I flash a dime?”

Disgusted by him his friend dared him to try
He didn’t hesitate nor did he pause
He just looked at me then toward the sky
I guess he still believe in his noble cause

But not a lot are like him
Some are full of hate
They say we should leave and leave them
To meet their fate

I guess they are not all alike
And some are really young
There is this soldier I like
He tries to speak my tongue

Four years in exile
And our fate isn’t certain
Now they say we are savages and vile
And an unwelcomed burden

The tents are getting older
And they are building a fence
The winters are getting colder
This life makes no sense

Now my mother is old and weak
And her back is sore
She can hardly speak
And she can see no more

A journey she can’t survive
And they closed the boarders
We are living but not alive
Just obeying orders

They all are lien
And I am ready to sell my soul
Even if it is the devil that’s buying
God forsake my call

I wish I was taken by force
Like my fourteen years friend
Would have been a better course
Regardless how that would end

A fiend amongst the others
An Outcast amongst my kind
Because of the injustice of my brother
I left my whole life behind

Maybe we are punished for fleeing Rome
Or for the ones we left
How I wish we stayed back home
Just like the dying rest
©FAT 2014



image source http://www.islamiclife.com