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This field of roses
So pretty from above
A song that opens and closes
With joy and love

It is as if they were dancing
Swaying side to side
It could be romancing
Playing seek and hide

yet a real battle is taking place
Beneath the astonishing beauty
To maintain that beautiful face
The rest must fulfill their duty

Down below was a different scene
Thorns as swords on these beautiful flowers
It was a fight for survival, when they sway and lean
in every charge they aim to stab each other

The roots are buried beneath the ground
Entangled in a battle of their own
No rest for the wretched the day is a fighting round
An everlasting battle that can’t be won

The evil pretty head is sitting on the top
Shouting, carry on,carry on don’t stop
Telling them one day they will see the sun
If they act as one
@FAT 2014