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We live to die

We die to live

We always take

And never give


Resources we drain

Whether materials or emotions

We give back with bitterness

Yet we take with devotion

The rain season is over

Alas this well is dry

A burning summer is getting closer

A prophecy not a lie

The age of steel have come

After I’ve laid down my sword

A weakened aged flesh

Wouldn’t be welcomed on board


There goes my legacy

There goes my moment of fame

No wealth no glory

Nor a son to carry my name

Dear crow my wise friend

I am fine I am fine

Show me which path is right

Or pour me another glass of wine


The flesh is weak

And the soul is not willing

Still trapped in the past

Just Dwelling and dwelling


Used to sing this song

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger

Now I know I was wrong

And can’t sing it any longer


Self pity is a shame

Yet what else to do

Tried patience and false pride

What a horrible brew

Was raised to stay strong

And To always stand up and rise

Now am on a bended knee

Betrayed by my eyes

You are what u drink

And I am strong and pure

Port, Cognac or whiskey

What a poisonous cure

Dear fate how I wish

That I know your plan

Wouldn’t have cared so much

Would have been a different man

My burdens are heavy and my age is showing

My strength and my hopes are fading within

Yet my patience my insight my wisdom are growing

So I will just carry on and won’t ever give in

@FAT 2014